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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Yes, This Is Exactly The Kind Of Trickery I'm Paying You For."

Character Assassi-nation: a tribute to karl rove.

Have you seen his sausage-fingers? Those are the fingers of a child molester. I'm not saying he is one, just that he has one of the telltale signs.

Why is Bush so enamored with this guy? Is he that bad a judge of character? That's pretty scary...

His is the deepest hick/schmoe intrusion into the world of federal government since Billy Carter. Seriously, guys like this should sell used cars, not influence US foreign policy.

Does everybody know the story of the "bugging incident"? He planted a bug in his office, and then blamed it on his opponent. Instead of calling the cops after the "discovery", he called a press conference. This guy's about as much of a pro as the Watergate burglars. karl "Bungle" rove.

Bush said that he'd fire anyone found responsible for the outing of the CIA operative....His daddy said he wouldn't raise taxes, too. But, in fairness, maybe George Sr. was a little distracted by the massive amounts of coke his son was consuming.

How much fun will it be to see this pig sweat over all this? A press conference would be awesome! Please, God, make hime cry! make him cry! I am a very forgiving and tolerant person. Seriously, ask Sylvana, everyone thinks I'm nice and fair and pleasant. But I want to see this pig slow roasting on a spit. This is my dream luau!

I say if you fall off a bicycle three times, you can't be President anymore.'s beginning to make us all look bad. Are terrorists sabotaging them? "The bicycles hate us for our freedom!"

Am I the only one who thinks that karl rove is kneeling down behind the podium at Bush speeches and press conferences? What else explains the bizarre facial expressions he so inappropriately displays? Did you know that by putting a question mark at the end of a sentence, you can communicate a falsehood without technically lying? Did you know that karl rove's thirst for power and sociopathic disregard for other people would likely make him, statistically speaking, sexually excited at the very thought of the no-lie lie?

darth rove.

karl rove issued a statement today: "D'oh!"

What a douchebag...


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