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Monday, June 20, 2005

"How Can One Insulated Wire Bring So Much Happiness?"

This Thursday we're cancelling our cable. It's kind of like putting your sick old dog know it's probably for the best, but it's still sad. So much time gets wasted sitting and watching tv. Other areas of life end up getting neglected, such as...I don't know... blogging and stuff. So, anyway, this will be a short post, as I have a lot of cable watching to squeezing in.

To make matters more dire, for Father's Day, my family got me the Home Movies Season 2 dvd (which I love. Thanks Sylvana!), and I really want to watch it, which will cut into the precious cable watching time. And to make matters even more more dire, there's nothing on tv! It's all crap the last few days.

Hmmm...maybe losing the cable won't be so bad after all.

p.s. here is a random fact: The name Darth Vader is meant to sound menacing, like the other Darths (Maul and Sidious), but vader is also the Dutch word for father. Ooooooooooooohh...double meaning! Maybe George Lucas isn't as dumb as he makes you think he is.


  • you are brave to cut off the cable. i dont even watch tv, or when i do its just the basic channels, but i would never cancel my cable, because, you never know, i might want to watch it one day!

    you are braver and stronger than i

    By Blogger Randi, at Tue Jun 21, 09:05:00 AM 2005  

  • I didn't even have cable until I bought my cable modem. I'd cut the cable too, but the additional price of TV service is like $25 compared to standalone internet service. I could do with a few less Law and Orders. Let the big screen be reserved for movies and video games, I say!

    By Blogger Scott, at Tue Jun 21, 12:59:00 PM 2005  

  • "Maybe George Lucas isn't as dumb as he makes you think he is."
    Depends how dumb you think he is...

    And even though I hate to admit it, I'm impressed with your de-cableization. I'd get rid of mine too, if it weren't for the bastion of goodness that is The Food Network. Rachael Ray, she will be mine...

    By Blogger The Doc, at Tue Jun 21, 01:16:00 PM 2005  

  • hehe...good luck with rachel ray, Doc, I've heard she's taken.


    good lord, I'd curl up into a little ball of fear and helplessness without cable.

    By Blogger evilsciencechick, at Tue Jun 21, 06:03:00 PM 2005  

  • There's never anything good on during the summer, so we are trying it this summer to make up for the added expense of High Speed Internet. If we get desperate, we have friends with cable that wished we would come over more often. This will give us extra incentive.

    By Blogger Sylvana, at Tue Jun 21, 10:41:00 PM 2005  

  • Lucas is a genius. And if you didn't know that, they had like a 6 hour show proclaiming him one on the other day. Nah, he's pretty decent.

    On the TV thing, it won't be so bad. The hand twitches will be the worst, but if you carry a wet towelette with you and just sqeeze that when your fingers spasm from lack of remote-clicking, you'll be fine.

    By Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan, at Wed Jun 22, 07:00:00 AM 2005  

  • The problem with getting rid of cable is that the only channels I like are on cable. What would I watch instead of "What not to wear" and those dumb puppets crank calling people? Oh, wait, I wouldn't watch anything! Wait! Not watch crappy TV? NO more 100 hottest events in Paris Hilton's life on VH1? I can be free of this?

    By Blogger Shannon, at Wed Jun 22, 08:49:00 AM 2005  

  • If I could just get Comedy Central and espn and Cartoon Network, that would be cool. I've heard they are introducing legislation that would allow cable customers to choose "a la carte", and they would only charge you for the channels you actually decided you wanted. The Cable Giants are, of course, against it. Where are the Rebuplicans (or Republicans, for that matter) on this issue? Cable companies are basically monopolies...Stalin would be proud of their stranglehold on the American viewers. They are run very much against the priniples of capitalism. But I guess they have so much money the rules don't apply to them. oh well.

    By Blogger sideshow bob, at Wed Jun 22, 03:48:00 PM 2005  

  • Scott told me I should come console you. I've been without cable now for over a year (just put a post up about it) and it's really not that bad...We can form a support group if you start withdrawels.

    By Blogger Kara0303, at Wed Jun 22, 05:59:00 PM 2005  

  • I just restored my cable after four! years of deprivation (ahh, the poverty of a college student). Now that I'm, like, a real person (with a job and everything), I finally succumbed and had it hooked up, although my brain is still trying to reconcile the fact that I now pay $50 per month to watch The Daily Show four nights a week and the Tour de France for three weeks in the summer. Living without is not so bad (although it did fuel my penchant for The O.C. and WB dramas).

    By Blogger Susie the Bear, at Wed Jun 22, 11:20:00 PM 2005  

  • You've got more guts than me. I'm getting ready to upgrade to Expanded Basic with a DVR. I can't remember the last time I had real cable and my sister is sick of me coming over to her place just to watch her cable.

    By Blogger Maria, at Wed Jun 22, 11:37:00 PM 2005  

  • When do you watch ESPN? Now CNN, yeah, cause we both know that Robin Mead rocks! but ESPN? Really? And here I always thought that you were doing the channel quick change from porn whenever I walked into the room.

    By Blogger Sylvana, at Thu Jun 23, 01:31:00 PM 2005  

  • SSB - I think I found your car!

    By Blogger evilsciencechick, at Fri Jun 24, 03:47:00 PM 2005  

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