It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Sunday, July 31, 2005

"By The Way, I'm Aware Of The Irony Of Appearing On TV In Order To Decry It, So Don't Bother Pointing That Out."

National PC Turn-off Week starts August 1st, and runs through....hmmm....let's see...carry the one....and we get...oh, August 8th. Much like the TV turn-off week thing that it's ripping off, the organizers want to bring awareness to the fact that our children are a bunch of lazy fat-asses. So, in the spirit of "doing it for the children", you will most likely not be viewing any new posts from me that week. Of course, seeing as how I've been averaging a post about every 8-9 days lately, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary.

If you take the time to clink (that's short for "click on the link") in the title above, you will be directed to, where you can learn all kinds of junk. The first thing you will likely notice is that the first paragraph describing's mission cuts off rather abruptly (must be getting an early start)(unless it just my computer acting up's such a parkster!). But the best part of the site is down at the end of the sidebar, a little sub-window titled "PC Turn-off Recommends...". Go down to the very bottom, to the last suggestion....priceless! I only pray you're doing this before the 1st or after the 8th, otherwise, you, sir, are worse than Hitler.

Seriously, if we don't curtail all the computer and TV time, when will our kids have time to enjoy the simple things we did as kids, such as smoking and irresponsible sex? Think about it!


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