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Sunday, November 13, 2005

"I Know...I'll Just Make Up Some News!"

On The Price Is Right on Friday, a young Marine lieutenant made his way on down to Bargain Row (oh yeah, I know TPIR lingo), then won his way onstage next to Bob, where he won a Toyota Avalon and a Chrysler Pacifica, got $10,000 for landing on $1 in the first Showcase Showdown, then won both showcases by being less than $1000 off on his showcase bid, then had his pick of any two Barker's Beauties to take backstage for twenty minutes, no questions asked. And all on Veteran's Day, no less.

OK, actually he lost a Ford Focus, then went on to lose in the first Showcase Showdown and went home empty handed, except for the worthless crap he won on Bargain Row, which included salad tongs and antacid. Somehow, not as satisfying of an ending...I was so pulling for him! There's no better way to thank veterans than with valuable cash and prizes.

Thank you, vets! And please forgive the lateness of this post...


  • Plinko is the best! If I ever make it on that show I hope I get to play that game. But Bob is starting to look a little cadaverous. I get nervous watching him stand next to the spinning wheel. I'm always afraid that he'll get too close and it'll knock him down and then no more Price is Right!

    By Blogger Maria, at Mon Nov 14, 01:27:00 PM 2005  

  • You had me up until the part about taking one of Bob's beauties backstage.

    Bob don't share, man.

    By Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan, at Mon Nov 14, 03:10:00 PM 2005  

  • Bob is getting old. He gets real nervous around people that get really excited. He talks about how scary they are.

    I don't think that he can handle his Beauties.

    By Blogger Sylvana, at Tue Nov 15, 07:00:00 PM 2005  

  • We don't have The Price Is Right-show over here, but whenever I go to the States, I always watch it at least once! Everyone thinks its hillarious that I like it so much, but I really do. It is just such a silly, but gr-r-eat show!!!

    By Blogger Astrid, at Wed Nov 16, 07:05:00 AM 2005  

  • Sure, and keep making up the news! I love creative minds!!!

    By Blogger Astrid, at Wed Nov 16, 07:05:00 AM 2005  

  • I once wanted to be a Barker Beauty and live in a world of sparkling toasters, but it was because I was home sick from school with a high fever.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 16, 07:12:00 AM 2005  

  • Maria- plinko is the mad gambit!

    Shamus-BB is the white Snoop Dogg

    Sy- I don't know...he still looks pretty fit for a man his age...

    Astrid- next time, you should try to get on the show. And bless you for padding my comment count with the double post.

    ag- I used to watch TPIR every snow day, teacher's union meeting and incapacitating illness.

    By Blogger sideshow bob, at Wed Nov 16, 01:12:00 PM 2005  

  • Great little made up news story.
    I wonder if Barker ever said to his wife at night "and now let's see what's behind door number one ... zzzzzip" ... or was that an entirely different game show?

    By Blogger Weary Hag, at Thu Nov 17, 05:03:00 PM 2005  

  • No, that's Hugh Hefner.

    He has an important decision to make every night.

    "Hmmm. Blonde, blonde or blonde?"

    By Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan, at Fri Nov 18, 07:27:00 AM 2005  

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