It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Uhh, Can You Help Me With My Thumbs?"

Sy and I were watching This Old House tonight. There was a portion of the show where they were showing how to repair a wheelbarrow wheel. Apparently, the trick is to expand the hole, then heat it up with a soldering iron or something, then stick in a sticky rubber/tar plug.

They went in for a close-up shot of the process, at which point simultaneous wails of disgust and revulsion echoed through our home. As the shot came in tight so we could see everything, we could see that the dude doing the tire repair had apparently damn near ripped his damn thumbnail off earlier...they should really warn you before showing that stuff. Same deal with that damn thing shilling for the anti-toenail fungus medication, where he actually lifts the nail off the toe. What sick bastard came up with that?

From now on, how about if we leave fingernail carnage to the folks at Gitmo, where at least, thank God, there are no cameras to capture the revulsion.


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