It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Thursday, October 27, 2005

"The Waiting Game Sucks! Let's Play Hungry-Hungry Hippos!"

Only five days until I lose my job (which is a good thing, trust me)! Only three working days! Only 24 more working hours! I can't wait! But that's exactly what I have to do...punch in, and wait...eight long, boring hours...for three interminable, sucky days.

Then it's off to school for me, after a month or two of loafing around the house, that is. Frankly, the timing of all this couldn't be better. Sylvana just graduated from college last May, and just got her job last week. Now it'll be her turn to be the breadwinner. We've done this several times, first she supported me, then I supported her, and so on. Due to the large number of wacky situations we find ourselves in, it just works out that way.

I'm just so excited to shrug off the drudgery of the workaday world, especially this particular half-assed tard farm I'm empolyed by, I had to post! And now the post is sure did pass the time...


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