It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"I Just Couldn't Eat Any More Kangaroo Testicles...Funny Thing Is, Now I Can't Get Enough Of 'Em."

More testicles mean more iron!

I know the list of grievances one could bring against Reality TV as an institution is virtually endless, and I'm also aware that bitching about Reality TV is getting to be about as odious as the offending programming itself. But eff that, I have an axe to grind.

My lamentations are twofold, and they were brought to the forefront of that part of my brain that processes indignant rage. The other evening, as I settled down to dinner in front of my television, (which is a bad habit, I know, shut up) whilst flipping through the drastically hamstrung options my tele has to offer, I noticed that Fear Factor was on. Strange, I thought, I though this was a prime time program...why is it on at 5:30? Apparently, Reality TV has now made the leap to syndication. If this isn't a sign of the coming Apocolypse, then it is at least proof that God looks down on His creation with great distain.

While I do find the syndication of reality television disturbing, I more specifically am upset by the content of the programming being aired right around dinner time. As I mentioned earlier, I was just settling down to eat, and as I was changing the channels, my eyes came across the image of meal worms, maggots, earthworms, cockroaches and a blender...which was then turned on...and then poured into glasses...and promptly consumed, though not without much retching and gagging. Is there anyone out there that actually wants to watch this? If so, why; what happened to them to turn them into such disturbed individuals? Why can't they be like normal people...who watch Fear Factor to see if someone will plummet ten stories to their death after their safety harness fails? Now that's good television (not to mention the secret to success for NASCAR)!


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