It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Point Out Your Plot Holes Elsewhere!"

This post will be short and lame and I guess a little outside of my particular box (good band name, particular box). Anyway,...

South Park was hilarious this week! Which greatly relieved me, because the other ones this season were...well, inconsistant, I guess. I was starting to worry. But, wow, so many issues covered so well: PSPs, Terri Schaivo, an explanation for George W's behaviour, the whole to-may-to/to-mah-to thing. And it's nice to see that they're killing Kenny again.

I enjoyed the episode so much that it pains me to point out the following flaws in the story; how on earth is Kenny able to afford a PSP? And go to an amusement park with his family? Uh...Kenny's poor...that's his thing. And why was Kenny wearing the other half of the B.F.F. necklace? Was he really B.F.F. with Cartman? How could he be? And if it wasn't one he shared with Cartman, who did the other half belong to? Kyle or Stan (I would guess Stan)? I suppose it's a cartoon, it doesn't have to make sense.

I realise I seem like a nerd, I'm not oblivious to that. Truth is I'm not...nerds are smart.....glaven. And by the way, I love South Park, too, so I'll probably be dropping more SP referrences here as this blog turns. But I figure that's OK because the two shows share a separate(scared?) bond since the "Simpsons did it!" episode. No?


  • He probably bought the B.F.F. necklace and slipped it on him in the hospital. Sounds like Cartman and a B.F.F. necklace does not sound like Kenny.
    That was a kick ass show!

    By Blogger Sylvana, at Fri Apr 01, 12:28:00 PM 2005  

  • Glad to know I wasn't the only one obsessing about those plot holes. I kept thinking HOW CAN HE AFFORD THAT???

    By Blogger evilsciencechick, at Fri Apr 01, 04:48:00 PM 2005  

  • I suppose there's always one answer we can depend on when logic, reason and sanity don't support our arguement: because of God.

    By Blogger sideshow bob, at Sat Apr 02, 10:29:00 AM 2005  

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