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Saturday, March 05, 2005

"(Dismissive sigh)..All The Best Bands Are Affiliated With Satan."

I recently had some knowledge dropped on me...if you want people to be interested in your blog, you must post as often as possible. This is my second in three days, which for me would be considered a brisk pace. So huzzah for me.

Speaking of the word 'huzzah', I heard an interesting story of its' origin yesterday. Apparently, it is a Germanic bastarization of two hebrew words (I didn't hear which two words), one meaning "we are on the road to paradise" and the other meaning "death to the infidels". The word "hip" was a word that was called out by friendly visitors when they came into town in the germanic territories.

Now, the phrase "hip, hip, hooray" came from "hip, hip, huzzah", which is a phrase dated back to the 18th century that certain tribes of Germans called out as they came into hebrew towns for the express purpose of wiping them off the face of the earth. So mull that over the next time you hear the phrase "hip, hip, hooray." It will make even the lamest party a bit less boring...and if you are at a party where the phrase "hip, hip, hooray" is bantied about, trust me, it's probably lame (is 'bantied' a word?)

And all this talk of religious intolerance reminds me that I just heard the other day about Head from Korn leaving the group to pursue a religious path. Apparently, he has been catching a lot of criticism over his decision. The DJ reporting the story said, "Hey, come on, lay off the poor guy. I mean, come on, can't a guy rock and love the lord?" Which brings us to the Simpson Quote of the Day: "(Dismissive sigh)...all the best bands are affiliated with Satan."


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