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Sunday, July 09, 2006

"The Cosmic Ballet Continues."

Wow...I hadn't checked the news in the past couple weeks. Ken Lay and Patsy Ramsey both died. I suppose that balances the karmic scales a little better...

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and comfort. You all reached out and touched a brother's heart, for reals. This whole experience has caused me to re-examine my life and beliefs. I'm now taking regular exercise and eating better in order to stave off the early stage dad-body I've begun to develop. In the past, I've been more or less a recluse, content to not have much to do with other people, but now I'm making it a point to reach out and be more open and friendly. I'm am, of course, still planning to remain a sarcastic, irreverent smart-ass; the kind of person who can appreciate a good dead baby joke (which, as K would tell you (were she alive to tell you), is not such an easy kind of person to find). And I still plan to use parentheses inside of parentheses, as often as possible.

Sy and I met a couple at K's memorial service (well, actually we first met them, oddly enough, the day before we heard of K's death (well, actually we only met the male half of the couple at that point (see, I'm serious about the parentheses))), and we went over to their place for dinner the following week, and we had an amazing time. We're going with them to see Superman Returns tomorrow. They're so much fun to hang around with, and it's weird to think that what brought us together was K almost seems wrong, but, what are you going to do?

(some sort of clever segue ensues)

Speaking of (aforementioned segue) I also have several projects recently underway, from composing music to writing to an art project in a zen garden medium, all in an effort to try to fill the enormous creative void left in the world since K's death. Really, you have no idea what a genius she was.

So, there it is, I'm back...may God have mercy on you all.


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