It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Hi, I'm The Electric Car, I Can't Go Very Fast Or Very Far, And If You Drive Me, People Will Think That You're Gay."

What with all the talk about flex-fuel this and hydrogen-cell that, I'd completely forgotten all about the electric cars they were hyping about a decade ago. Well, there's a film about them coming out this summer. Sorry, but it's not by's the preview:

What, I ask y'all, became of the electric car? Did our wise leaders catch that episode of The Lone Gunmen where they decide to destroy the water-powered engine because it would have resulted in an unrestrained orgy of global expansion and deforestation? Were they paid off by "Big Oil"? Did they think that people would think that they were gay? Gays are the new commies, you know. Or maybe it was simply the potential nightmare of trying to plug an American car into a European socket.

So who holds back the electric car? The same people who control the British Pound, keep the metric system down, keep Atlantis off the maps and keep the Martians under wraps, if you ask me. But forget about the damn electric cars...what the hell ever happened to Ed Begley Jr.?


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