It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Friday, January 20, 2006

"Second Comes Right After First!"

Happy 76th Birthday, Buzz Aldrin!

In an era full of undeserving popular heroes (such as atheltes, Billionaire media emperors and presidents), we are lucky to still have a real hero still among us. Buzz went into space back when going into space really meant something. Like the "Miracle on Ice" 1980 USA hockey team, Buzz gave us all something to be proud of, and it was a joyful pride of triumph, not the subdued pride you feel these days when the US Olympic Hockey Team skates circles around Belarus. What ever happened to Mike Eruzione, by the way? ...I digress...

Buzz is the only astronaut ever to be on the Simpsons, and has one of the better lines ever uttered on the series. When Homer rips open a bag of potato chips and they float all over the space shuttle, Buzz bats at them with his hands, yelling, "Careful...they're ruffled!" Big ups for my man...motherf@*#er actually walked on the effin' moon! How cool is that?

And why the eff did Blogger put a hyperlink on "man...motherf@*#er"? Can't a motherf#%@er write motherf@#*er anymore? Buzz is sad for America today...