It All Comes Back To The Simpsons

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"I Am Not Smarter Than The President"

Seriously folks, what with the sweet royalties he must be sucking up with all the Bushisms and all the sweet royalties he must be sucking up with all the no-bid contracts, Bush is rich. RICH!!! I tell you! That doesn't make him smarter than you or I, but it does make him better, and that makes the great unwashed public think that he's smarter. But I come here to praise Ceasar, not bury...wait..uh...well...ummm...*awkward moment of staring into space*..., I won't get fooled again!

Where Bush's true genius lies is in his sense of humor. The sheer comic adeptitude he displays, the timing and the delivery. He can go intellectual with his devilishly clever word play, or just do good old fashioned slapstick. I love that bit he does where he falls of the bike. Classic!

I used to think that neo-cons had no sense of humor, now I realize they're maybe just a little ahead of their time. Some day we'll all look back at this time and laugh and laugh and laugh. Or ululate...whatever.


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