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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Ducking This Issue Calls For Real Leadership."

I could've also used "This is everybody's fault but mine", but I'll save that for a time when I screw up.

When I think of President Harry S Truman, the first image that comes to mind is the little sign on his desk that said, "The Buck Stops Here" (ok, I guess the first image is that Dewey Defeats Truman headline, but that won't really fit in with this post). The last thing that comes to mind is George W. Bush. That man has passed more bucks than a retired stripper's garter belt (does that make sense?). In fact, by his own account, he seems powerless and impotent, even in the most elementary of an elected officials' responsibilities and duties.

So far since Katrina hit land, I've been told that the problems faced by storm victims are the fault of: *violent junkies in need of a fix
*state and local authorities, including the police
*stubborn people who refused to evacuate
*that damnable bureaucracy
*living in a city rife with sin

I also know, thanks to Mister Bush, that the sluggish economy, when it's even admitted, is absolutely the fault of:
*former President Clinton
*restrictive government regulation
*protesters at the World Bank and IMF meetings, who are also terrorists

And we all know by now that the responsibility for 9/11 lies squarely on the shoulders of:
*Osama bin Laden
*incompetent airport screeners
*Saddam Hussein
*former President Clinton
*the FBI
*the CIA, or, more precisely, George Tenet

What worries me most about this is, well, the fact that George W. Bush, in addition to being the Leader of the Free World, is also an alcoholic. Oh, he may not drink now or anything (or maybe he does, who knows), but as any recovering alcoholic/addict will tell you; you're never cured, you're always an alcoholic(/addict). The fact that W didn't really face up to his problem, but instead became "born again", is very troubling. Especially since he continues to exhibit alcoholic behaviour, such as not taking responsibility for mistakes, and laughing at inappropriate times, refusal to accept an unpleasant reality (see Search for WMDs) and flipping off the press corps. His inability to control impulses like that is not something that reflects well on the Presidency as an institution. In fact, it is a national disgrace.

I think we can all agree that firefighters are a pillar of our society, a magnificent group of men and women that deserve our uttmost respect. Well, in the firehouse, the chief is responsible for the actions of those under him (or her). It doesn't matter if he/she's thousands of miles away on vacation at some lame dude ranch, if his/her people screw something up, it's his/her butt in the hot seat. And not just his/her butt, but also the posterior of the commissioner in charge of all the fire chiefs. That is because the firefighers have things such as a code of honor and a sense of duty, not to mention accountability to society. Maybe if he would have served his country while it was at war he would have picked those up. Maybe he should ask, who would Jesus blame?


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