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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"This Is Your Muckraker...Your Character Assassin...Your Mudslinger..."

He's a triple threat, baby! I'm speaking, of course, of Karl Rove...remember him? I can't blame you if you forgot about him, he's been about as hard to spot as an Ivory Billed Woodpecker lately. Is he hiding out down at the Presidential Dirt Farm? Is he holed up in the Statue of Liberty's head? Is he in the White House, busily preparing the next round of anthrax-laced letters?

Speaking of triple threats, will Christopher Walken be our next president? Sadly,no...but I can still hope...and dream...and pray. It's not like any of the other schmucks would do any better, and just imagine the debates!!! At the very least, I'd like to lock Karl in a room with Mr. Walken for about ten minutes...put down "Mudslinging for Dummies", Karl; it won't help you where you're going.


  • I was so excited when I saw Christopher Walken for president, but then, I should have known that it was too good to be true.


    Karl Rove would be eaten alive.

    By Blogger Sylvana, at Wed Aug 24, 06:06:00 PM 2005  

  • Walken would dance all over his opponents ass.

    By Blogger Maria, at Thu Aug 25, 02:29:00 PM 2005  

  • I had a dream last night that I was watching a presidential debate between two unknown candidates while my ex girlfriend was sitting in my lap. As I listened carefully they started debating the merits of my having broken up with her. The she started a pretty good argument on her own.

    Todd Vodka

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Aug 28, 08:57:00 AM 2005  

  • The quote at the top is the BEST

    "If you want to learn how to build a house, build a house. Don't ask anybody, just build a house"

    I can totally hear him saying that.

    By Blogger Shamus O'Drunkahan, at Mon Aug 29, 08:06:00 PM 2005  

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